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Das Berliner Büro: nach 4 Monaten

ImageIt is now 4 months to the day that we opened up our German Office and we thought it’d be good to give some insight in to how things have gone, how we feel the market is growing and also how important we feel that being on the ground in Germany has been for cementing our client relationships.

Firstly, I feel that the setting up of an office here has been a smooth transition which is beneficial not only for us, but for our extensive network of clients and candidates. I truly believe that we have been able to better serve our clients already by being able to gain a better insight and understanding in to German working practices and the culture of the nation as a whole. We have been able to meet face to face with candidates and clients alike and this has meant that we have genuinely been able to gain a better understanding of their personalities. This has been extremely valuable as it has helped us to be able to match up candidates and clients based on their soft skills as well as their qualifications and experience.

Further to this, the market in Germany feels like it is constantly evolving. Take Berlin as a case on it’s own and we see a thriving internet start-up scene that expects to continue to see sustained growth throughout 2013. It was reported last year that 2 out of every 3 start ups in Berlin were looking to grow their teams with top professionals and this has meant that we have been able to adapt our processes and move with this market. Berlin aside, the whole nation has a thriving Online Marketing and E-Commerce scene and places like Hamburg, München, Düsseldorf and Köln can now also be viewed as tech-hubs and look set to continue to cement themselves on the global industry over the course of this year.

So, 2013 looks set to be an exciting year for Adaptive Globalization GmbH as well as our clients, candidates and the industry as a whole. We have a lot in store that will continue to help us to refine our processes and with the hiring of Native German speakers as the next step for us, we have never been better set up than we are now in assisting our German clients as well as still being able to provide an unrivaled service on an international level.

Thomas Irving

Senior European Consultant



Adaptive Globalization – Refer a Friend for Charity!

You will have heard that the best advertising is by word of mouth. One way that we spread the word when we have new awesome opportunities is by ‘Referrals’. The way these work is as follows: you recommend a friend or (former!) colleague; if we then are successful in finding that person their next job, we pay you a ‘bonus’ of €300 – which is tax free! 

However, next month we will be trialling a fund-raising initiative whereby the referral fee will be paid to charity. We’d like your help in deciding which charity these donations to go to. The options are Unicef, HelpAge Deutschland and ENGSO Youth. You can help us decide by voting in the poll on my Xing profile –


We’ll obviously keep you updated on how this progresses. Don’t forget, the more recommendations, the more we will be able to donate!

It Takes Less Time Than You’d Think for the Internet to Size Up What You’re Worth


It takes less than 30 milliseconds to determine a web-user’s value to advertisers, apparently, which is either a marvel of engineering or a foreboding of a Kafkaesque future in which our lives are guided by all-knowing machines whose processes are beyond comprehension. Or both.

Or anyway, that’s the way The New York Times spins its dive into real-time bidding for digital advertising, an emerging industry in which practitioners dump a given web-user’s data into an algorithm, and the algorithm pumps out an approximation of what said user is worth to a given advertiser—all in the time it takes a web page to load.

Viewed through the prism of the Rubicon Project, an ad-sales platform that says 97 percent of U.S. internet users interact with its system each month, the process works something like this:

Most sites … compile data about their own visitors through member registration or by placing bits…

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SEO Benefits for Small Business

The Business Blog

ANROMA Business ServicesBoth online and offline businesses are highly dependent on maintaining or increasing customer activity online for their business.

It’s vital to keep your business in front of customers, by creating

  • articles
  • white pages
  • business ads
    • All the while including terms for your Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Does Social Media help my SEO?
Using SEO within social media sites is like adding 10 cups of espresso to a company’s advertising efforts. Social media is that powerful. In fact, because potential customers using such sites are likely to share a new product or service they like with others on their personal social page, it is possible for a business to see exponential growth using this method of advertising.

For more information email us at or call 626-344-8645.  We’d be happy to help you with your questions.

Margaret Hernandez

The ANROMA Group
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Introduction to the Adaptive Team

As the leading specialist in Online Marketing recruitment, this blog is long overdue. As you may already know, we focus on making introductions to what we consider to be the best companies in Europe, helping them to attract the brightest and best Digital Marketing talent in Europe. To that end, I hope you won’t mind that this blog will be written in English, although you may occasionally hear from our German, French, Spanish – or even Polish – speaking colleagues. I hope you will already have seen that we communicate the latest trends in the jobs market via our LinkedIn, Xing and/or Twitter accounts, and now this information will be passed on via this blog in one ‘bitesize’, fortnightly summary. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our name, Adaptive Globalization is a company of business-minded, driven individuals, who aim to know a business and its market inside-out, and use this unparalleled level of knowledge to match each business with the most impressive talent in Online Marketing. 

Whether you’re an SEO Manager, Adwords Specialist or Digital Account Manager, this blog will keep you updated on the latest opportunities available, tips on how to improve your chances of landing the most exciting positions, and exciting developments in the European Online Marketing industry. We’re very proud to have played a small part in the growth of this market which has been a shining beacon of hope amongst recent financial difficulties.